Nothings has a point

With our existence we tent to associate some meaning, we think that what we do is important, that how we are will effect things around as. Yet at the end of the day we are all going to die, not much of what we do actually matters as there will not be much left or remembered with in 100 years after death. So why we think we have such a impact and that we should act in certain way and that we should be certain human beings. Why so many people are not doing what they truly  would like to do, yet it is so easy for many just listen to their simple brain and just fix their temporary pain by: eating, smoking, drinking, going out or any other activity that would tempararly dump their internal pain and frustration with their existence.

As children we all have dreams I would assume, yet not many people fallow their dreams or act upon them with true dedication and responsibility for what they are doing. As in a long run, it all depend on how much selfreflection we apply to our actions and existence. Without that it’s like going with a current and expecting not to end up were it leads. It’s a human condition to be frustrated, to try dampening down all those voice in out heads that tell us that something is wrong that someone somewhere may not be happy with what we are doing. But at the end of the day it does not matter, nothing does, so doing what one is passionate about is most important.

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