Finding comfort in death

Prevailing Christian idea about existence one could say is about being comfortable with you earthly existence to the extend that you know that in moment of death you’ve lived your life well and that you did all the good deard you could have to improve life’s of others around you and by this making world a better place.

Is it not an illusion to think that one can live their life in a good manner and then just be in peace with death, it’s a scary notion to be thinking about death as we know so little about death and it is something that we can’t comprehend for what it is in out society that is driving so much about being the best you can be and fraying to express one self through material possessions that at the end of the day are just to establish pyramid of importance in our small universe that we’ve created about ourselves for ourselves and has not much meaning in most cases.

Old testament is focused on sacrifice and laws that govern human interactions on universe as a whole, one has to see that sacrifice is never meant to be in a form of a person per see. However this could have been a case in some ancient societies that lived by different notes as messaged given throat the ages show that many other religions have very similar messaged communicated to their followers. Sacrifice is what makes as efficient, one has to sacrifice time that could be spend with family or friends for time to study and progress with carrier and personal development. Pecan sacrifice this cookie for a time with weighs or time with his pet to gain healthier body and better mind and long life.